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and receive a $50.00 Bonus Commission*

Here's a quick and easy way to earn extra cash!
Just by referring customers to our website; you can
potentially earn extra cash. It's that quick and easy!

Question: How can I easily refer customers to your website?
Answer: You can easily do this by posting links to our website in
automotive related forums, blog posts, and or websites.

Question: How do I; or what should I post to get these referrals?
Answer: You can rest easy because we can provide you with all of tools that
you will need to succeed such as product photos and many other helpful tips and advice.
We will help you in any way that you need in order for you to succeed.

Question: Are there any fees and or costs to join?
Answer: There are absolutely NO FEES or COSTS involved to join our program.
Also there are no contracts that you have to sign and so forth. You can
choose to stop participating in this affiliate program at any time.

Question: How do we actually receive a commission?
Answer: All that you have to do in order to receive a commission from your referral is to place a website link or an ad directing the visitor directly to our website. Whenever that visitor from your website and or blog places an order through our website; then you will receive a commission. It's that simple and easy to earn free extra cash! Remember the more promotion that you do; the more commission that you can earn!

Question: How much commission do we receive?
Answer: You will receive a 6% commission from every sale that you refer to us from your website and or blog. Also our average sale is around $200.00 which means that you can earn some decent money very easily with little effort on your part.

Question: How does this program actually track and monitor potential customers?
Answer: Upon completion and our acceptance of your application request; we will provide to you a special website address that you will use as a link for visitors to our website. This website address contains a unique tracking code that will track every visitor from your website/ blog to our website. If that visitor then places an order through our website; then you will receive a commission from your referral.

Question: How do we track the performance of our referrals from our website/blog?
Answer: Yes you will able able to login into a special section of our website using your assigned user id and password. In this section you will be able to track the number of hits from your website/ blog; and also you will have access to a complete record of any commission referrals that you are eligible to receive and so forth.

Question: How and when do we receive our commission?
Answer: We pay all eligible commissions on a monthly basis; the first week of each month by PayPal; or by Check.

*Special $50.00 Bonus Commission Offer!
Receive a $50.00 Bonus Commission after you have obtained (3) eligible referrals!

So go ahead and get started earning quick & easy extra cash by filling out the below form!
It's that quick and easy to receive free extra cash!

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