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Do you want to add a sportier and unique look to your ride? No problem - the right body kit will add that sporty look that will have many people give you the thumbs up! Designed to go right over your existing bumpers and lower rocker panels, these body kits can make your car look even more imposing out of the road.

Ground effects kits add such a dramatic effect to your car because they make it several inches closer to the ground. As a result, you'll almost look like you're gliding instead of driving. Now THAT'S the ultimate sports car experience!

But what about installation? Are ground effects kits more trouble than they're worth? No way! These body kits come in four different pieces -- you'll get front and rear air dams, along with two side skirts. The air dams go right over your front and back bumpers, and the side skirts attach right underneath your doors. You'll get all of the mounting hardware and instructions you need, so even if you're not an auto body expert, you can install them.

Imagine what people will think when you pull up behind them at a red light, pass them on a winding road, or park next to them. Your car can now make a big impression all by itself....and have people to give you the thumbs up!

Our body kits; ground effects comes with the front and rear air dams which easily install over the top of your existing bumpers which are required. Also a complete pair of side skirts are included as well.

Our body kits; ground effects comes with a full lifetime warranty on all parts! Many of our competitors do not offer this!

Our body kits; ground effects are made to exactly custom fit your vehicle for a precise fit!

Our body kits; ground effects are available pre-painted for an additional charge to exactly match your vehicle color. Just provide to us the exact exterior paint code of your vehicle, and we will have this item painted to factory OEM specifications.

All mounting hardware and installation instructions are included. We offer free factory technical support for product or installation issues.

Optional wire mesh screen kits for the openings in the front and rear air dams are available depending upon the vehicle application.

Optional chrome exhaust extension tips are available depending upon the vehicle application.

AERO-FLEX™ - What is it?

Why does Razzi manufacture it's Ground Effects using AERO-FLEX™?

There are many different grades of ABS type plastic. Razzi uses the very best grades of ABS (Acrylinitrile Butadiene Styrene), which are then blended together, using Razzi's secret formula to make AERO-FLEX™, a special thermoset plastic which is the very best material available for the manufacturing of Ground Effects type products.

Razzi's Ground Effects Packages are not soft, and rubbery like some Ground Effects Packages that are made out of urethane plastic (which are very hard to paint and difficult to install). The AERO-FLEX™ ABS Ground Effects Packages are more rigid like fiberglass but do not crack like fiberglass parts will. Also parts made out of fiberglass are usually very poor fitting compared to AERO-FLEX™ parts. Razzi's parts are commonly referred to as the "best fitting" parts in the Ground Effects industry.
AERO-FLEX™ is not a "urethane" material and it is NOT a "fiberglass" material. The accurate description of AERO-FLEX™ is that it is a co-extruded ABS composite plastic material - in other words it a very "high tech" plastic.

Many of our body kits are available pre-painted for an additional charge.
Just provide to us your exact exterior paint code and your vehicle VIN number
and we will have this item pre-painted to factory OEM specifications.
We guaranty an exact factory color match if your vehicle is less than 3 years
old. (Except for Tri-Color Paints). It's that easy to order this item pre-painted!

Lifetime Warranty



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