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Available in the following:
OEM; Rivet; or Universal Styles!

Pre-Painting is also available.*

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Whether you've been driving your pickup for a few days or a few years, you can give it an instant makeover with some fender flares. After all, your pickup is capable of a whole lot more than just driving over to soccer practice or over to the mall. Pickups were built to handle virtually anything-- from lugging around heavy cargo to heading off road! By adding some fender flares to your pickup, you'll get to take advantage of that rugged off-road look. That alone can make hopping in your truck a whole lot more fun!

And as an added benefit, you can get our fender flares in different styles and widths--so you can use them to make your truck as unique as you are! With our fender flares you can get up to an additional 2.50" of tire coverage. Even if you opt for the flow-profile flares, you'll get an extra 1.25" of tire coverage. That way, you don't have to worry about mud and debris splattering all over the sides of your truck--no matter what kind of off-road adventure you have planned!

And best of all, you can easily install a set of fender flares on your pickup right in your own driveway! Since they're specially-designed to custom fit your pickup, you won't have to modify anything when it comes time to install them. Making things even easier, each flare comes with pre-drilled holes. All you have to do is line your flares up with the inner fender well, use the enclosed mounting hardware to attach them, and you're good to go!

painted fender flares

Our Fender Flares are manufactured from 100% ABS plastic which is the OE approved material offering optimal performance and superior durability.

Our fender flares come in a highly durable OEM matte black finish. Many of our fender flares are available pre-painted for an additional charge.

Our Fender Flares are made to exactly custom fit your vehicle without any modifications. All mounting hardware and installation instructions are included. Free factory technical support is also provided. If you know how to use basic hand tools; then it's that simple and easy to install!

No drilling is required to install the fender flares; as they utilize all original mounting holes located on the inner fender well of the vehicle.

Quickly & easily covers any damaged or rusted fenders
at a fraction of the cost of repairing it at a body shop!

Dodge Ram Fender Flares; OEM Style

Dodge Ram Fender Flares; OEM Style Closeup

Low Profile "OEM STYLE" of Fender Flares!

(Adds 1.25" of tire coverage).

Lifetime Warranty "PRICING & AVAILABILITY"

"OEM" Style of Fender Flares


(Sold in complete sets only).

Dodge Ram Fender Flares; Rivet Style

Dodge Ram Fender Flares; Rivet Style Closeup

"RIVET STYLE" of Fender Flares!

(Adds 2.50" of tire coverage).

Lifetime Warranty "PRICING & AVAILABILITY"

"RIVET" Style of Fender Flares


(Sold in complete sets only).

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Universal Style of Fender Flares; Fits any vehicle!

Fender Flares

Our line of universal fender flares are made from hand laid 6 OZ. fiberglass reinforced plastic which is up to 75% stronger than traditional fiberglass fender flares. An exclusive proprietary polymer blend is also included for maximum flexibility and increased durability.

A SATIN BLACK primer finish has been applied to all surfaces of the fender flares.

Our universal fender flares can be easily painted to exactly match your vehicle color.

Our universal fender flares comes with a limited warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

We offer free factory technical support for product or installation issues.

NOTE: Our universal fender flares require the normal pre-paint prep; including sanding and primer. Occasional surface blemishes may be present due to the manufacturing process. These blemishes are removed during the normal sanding and prepping process. Also minor adjustments may be necessary as part of the normal installation process.

Universal Style of Fender Flares


Part #112766FF1

Complete set of (4) Fender Flares.


Price: $429.00
Includes Free Shipping*

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