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There's nothing worse than coming out of a store and realizing that someone backed into your nice and shiny vehicle; or a shopping cart hit your vehicle while it was parked (especially if they didn't even bother to leave a note!). While you can't put your vehicle in a bubble and prevent it from ever being hit, you CAN do the next best thing - by installing a rear bumper guard!

Like the name implies, a rear bumper guard goes right over your existing rear bumper cover. That way, if anyone backs into your vehicle, they'll hit the bumper guard -- instead of the actual bumper itself!

Luckily, our rear bumper guards aren't an eyesore. They're made out of stainless steel, and you can opt for a polished chrome finish or a powder black finish that's a little more subdued. Either way, you'll get bumper protection without making your vehicle look silly. In fact, because of the way they're designed, our rear bumper guards is tough to notice!

Best of all, our rear bumper guard is made to exactly custom fit your vehicle without any modifications and they are so easy to install. So, if you're trying to protect your vehicle, you'll end up with a bumper guard that's made to exactly custom fit your vehicle -- instead of trying to squeeze a universal one-size-fits-all model onto the back of your vehicle.

So, whether you want to keep your vehicle safe in the office parking lot or you want to make sure your vehicle is protected when it's parked out on the street, our rear bumper guard is the perfect solution. Consider buying a rear bumper guard to be like buying some self-defense classes for your vehicle!

Rear Bumper Guard

Jeep Liberty Rear Bumper Guard
Mercedes Rear Bumper Guard Hummer H3 Rear Bumper Guard
Ford Edge Rear Bumper Guard
Jeep Patriot Rear Bumper Guard
Nissan Xterra Rear Bumper Guard

Depending upon the vehicle application; our Rear Guards are available either in rust free stainless steel that is highly polished to a brilliant chrome finish; or in a highly durable black powder coated finish!

Our Rear Guards are a welded 1 piece design for superior strength!

Our rust free stainless steel version of Rear Guards comes with a full lifetime warranty!

Our Rear Guards are made to exactly custom fit your vehicle without any drilling or modifications. Since the Rear Guard is already pre-assembled; it easily bolts to the existing holes in your frame. All mounting hardware and installation instructions are included. Free factory technical support is also provided. If you know how to operate a socket wrench; then it's that simple and easy to install!

Lifetime Warranty


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