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Do you need extra storage space on your next trip?

Then look no further than our extremely durable and versatile roof box!

roof box

roof box roof box roof box
roof box roof box roof box

EASY; NO TOOL assembly: Out of the box to on top of the vehicle in only five minutes (all mounting hardware included).

Durable, 4-season HDPE material & aerodynamic design: Resists cracking and fading in all seasons and provides reduced wind noise and drag.

Convenient, 3-side access: Load and unload from both sides and back.

Weather resistant & secure seal: Integrated keyed lock on back and latches (front and two sides) ensure a weather-tight seal and secure your gear. Two keys included.

Fits most factory and aftermarket cross rails: Fits on square, circle and aero design rails up to 3-3/4" wide. (Aftermarket rack and cross rails sold separately.)

Lifetime Warranty: Free from material and manufacturing defects.

NOTE: Item is designed only for use with factory or aftermarket roof rack and cross rail systems rated at 110 lbs. or greater (sold separately).



9 CUBIT FOOT SIZE: Perfect for smaller vehicles!

roof box

18 CUBIT FOOT SIZE: Perfect for larger vehicles!


Q. Can the Car Top Cargo carrier be mounted directly on the roof for vehicle storage?
A. No. It is designed to be mounted only to original equipment or aftermarket roof-rack systems that have a rated load of 110 pounds.

Q. Can I get replacement parts for the Car Top Cargo carrier?
A. Yes. Simply call Customer Service at (877) 454-3748.

Q. Will the carrier fit my vehicle?
A. The carrier will fit most vehicle's original equipment and aftermarket roof-rack systems with cross rails that are circular, square and aero shaped up to 4" outside dimension.

Q. Are all the assembly and installation parts included?
A. Yes, all parts are included. Roof-rack systems with cross rails are required.

Q. Are any tools required to assemble and install the Car Top Cargo carrier?
A. No tools are required.

Q. Are locks included?
A. One lock with two keys is located at the back of the carrier. Locks for the front and side bale latches are sold separately.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. The carrier includes a limited lifetime warranty to be free from manufacturing and materials defects.

Q. Can I paint the Car Top Cargo carrier?
A. We do not recommend it. The HDPE material has a built-in UV stabilizer to resist fading and is not designed to be painted.

Q. What is the weight-carrying capacity?
A. It is rated at 110 pounds of evenly distributed cargo for auto storage. See the owner’s manual for details.

Q. Is the Car Top Cargo carrier waterproof?
A. No. The cargo carrier is water resistant, but not waterproof.

Q. What can I do to keep my lock cylinder from sticking?
A. We recommend periodically adding a small amount of lock-cylinder graphite to the lock cylinder, working it in with the key and moving it into the locked and unlocked positions.

Q. How do I know where to mount the carrier on the roof-rack cross bars?
A. The pre-drilled holes are set apart at 22" on center. We recommend you adjust the cross rails at this measurement and align the carrier's pre-drilled holes to this position. Be sure to not interfere with the opening and closing of the rear door and any roof-mounted antennas and navigation fins. If your vehicle has fixed-position cross rails that are not 22" on center, please refer to the owner’s manual.

Q. What do I do with my Car Top Cargo carrier when I'm not using it?
A. When the carrier isn't serving you as the perfect vehicle storage or luggage box for road trips, you can simply pack it away. Unlike other carriers, it nests neatly together, so it takes up little space in your shed, garage or basement. It has many other handy functions as well. You can use it to wash the dog or even set up a small pool for the kids.



roof box

Part #CTC9S
(9) Cubic Foot Roof Box

Price: $249.00
Includes Free Shipping*
roof box

Part #CTC18S
(18) Cubic Foot Roof Box

Price: $299.00
Includes Free Shipping*

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