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ActionTrac™ powered running boards are the next generation of automatic, power running boards. They are unique from other power side steps because they feature a patented step within-a-step design; actually making it two steps in one.

ActionTrac™ running boards also feature no-splice wiring and a no-drill bracket installation on most models, as well as powder-coated aluminum construction, making them the perfect side steps for offroad trucks and Jeeps.

retractable running boards

power running boards

Automated, patented step-within-a-step!

retractable running boards

No-drill brackets and no-splice wiring!

power running boards

power running boards

power running boards

jeep running boards

Easier access on larger, lifted trucks and Jeeps!

The step-within-a-step design of ActionTrac™ powered running boards makes them the perfect lifted truck steps. There is one 4" non-skid step on top of the main housing and one 3" step that deploys automatically as needed.

When the door opens, the control module deploys the electric step 8" below the top step and up to 15" below the inside of the doorsill, depending on the model. This provides safe, convenient access to the vehicle, especially on larger trucks, Jeeps and SUVs that are built for offroading. It is also ideal for families with young children and for elderly passengers.

When the door is closed again, these lifted truck steps retract, providing plenty of ground clearance for the offroad trail.

jeep running boards

power running boards

electric running boards

Extra vehicle side protection!

With the innovative step-within-a-step design, ActionTrac™ powered running boards offer a uniquely contoured look against the vehicle. Rather than folding up underneath the vehicle, the power steps fold into the housing which provides additional side protection for the vehicle.

ActionTrac™ running boards contour to the rocker panels, helping to block small stone and other debris kicked up by the tires from scratching and marring the vehicle’s finish. Additionally, when the vehicle is parked, the running boards provide an extra defense against door dings from other vehicles.

electric running boards

Control module for safety!

Each set of ActionTrac™ powered running boards is equipped with an integrated control module for safe entry and exit. During operation, the control module detects any obstructions in the path of the power step. This immediately pauses operation, eliminating the risk of pinch hazards and avoiding damage to the steps from rocks and other obstacles.

For additional safety, the main housing has built-in LED lights that illuminate the power step upon deployment, providing convenient visibility in dark conditions.

jeep running boards

Easy and Simple Installation!

ActionTrac™ powered running boards are designed to offer a custom fit on your truck, SUV or Jeep Wrangler. They install with vehicle specific brackets and use pre-existing holes in the vehicle to eliminate the need for drilling (some Ram models excluded). Unlike other power side steps, ActionTrac™ retractable running boards also do not require alignment and will not bind during operation.

ActionTrac™ running boards are also the easiest to install power steps on the market in terms of electrical. They connect directly to the vehicle's battery in a self-contained system that requires no splicing into factory wiring.

retractable running boards

Weatherproof Tough!

Just like your truck, Jeep or SUV, these power running boards are built for the off-road. They are made right here in the USA with extruded 6061-T6 aluminum, making them highly durable, yet lightweight and corrosion resistant.

For added protection against corrosion, scratches and marring, they also come with a durable carbide black powder coat finish.

retractable running boards

Maintenance-free operation!

ActionTrac™ powered running boards operate with a single rotary motor, contained within the main housing. This single motor allows the electric steps to remain quiet and maintenance-free, while still offering fast, smooth operation.

The motor, pivot points and all of the electrical components are shielded within the main housing, keeping them well protected against the elements and ensuring long-lasting reliability.

Lifetime Warranty "PRICING & AVAILABILITY"

             "POWER RETRACTABLE" Style of Running Boards


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Just wanted to let you know that I just had the running boards for my 2013 Infiniti JX35 installed and they look awesome; not to mention the over the top quality. Thanks for a great product!

D. Bowers
New Buffalo, Michigan


I wanted to thank you a your company for the QUALITY running boards for my 2011 Acadia Denali, no one else in the business not even GMC makes running boards for this model. I get so many compliments on the paint match up, and how great they look on my Acadia. My salesman at the dealer was really impressed with the quality and look, as well as some of the mechanics. I'm very happy with the product, so I just wanted to let you know, thanks again.

D. Fletcher
Largo, Florida

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