1. What is the UnderCover made from?

A. UnderCover tonneaus are made from a very selected composite of ABS plastics and polymers. Unlike other plastic aftermarket accessories, the UnderCover is constructed to prevent warping from direct sunlight. At an average of 58lbs, UnderCover is also the one of the lightest hard tonneau covers on the market.

2. What is the advantage of ABS verses fiberglass?

A. There are two very important points that make UnderCover far superior to a Fiberglass cover. First, is its light weight, which makes UnderCover very easy to remove and install. With our no-drill hardware, on and off is a breeze. Second, all of our covers come with wall mount hardware. Once you do take our cover off you can easily store it by hanging the cover in your garage. This is a feature that no Fiberglass product can offer.

3. Will the ABS crack or warp?

A. All composite materials expand and contract as a result of temperature changes, our cover has been designed to keep this almost unnoticeable. However, when you remove the cover, you must avoid dropping it on the corners, this sort of hard impact can cause cracks or damage.

4. Will adding a tonneau cover to my truck improve gas mileage?

A. Yes, adding a cover to the truck bed reduces the surface area the air has to go across as you travel down the road. How much it improves the mileage varies, we have seen tests show anywhere from 4% to 12%.

5. Does the UnderCover fit better than other types of covers?

A. Yes, we use the most technically advanced software, machines, and equipment in the industry to provide you with a cover that fits precisely to your truck bed. The team at UnderCover spent countless hours designing a cover that not only fits the truck perfectly but also matches the look of the newer model trucks and remains low profile.

6. How easy is it to take the cover off?

A. It takes approximately 1-2 minutes to take the cover off and to store it with wall-mount hardware (included) on your garage wall. It is a 2-step process: first release the 2 struts and snap the loose end into the clips attached to the inside of the cover; loosen the twist knobs on the front hinge of the cover, and simply lift the cover off and hang it on the wall.

7. How does your cover hold up to extreme climates?

A. We have been selling UnderCover for over 10 years now. Our product is sold in Canada, Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Michigan and many other markets where the weather can be both extremely cold and hot. Because of our patented design, the UnderCover is very capable of handling these temperatures without any warp or damage. UnderCover is one of the most widely distributed tonneau covers in the wholesale industry. This can only be true when the quality and workmanship satisfy the customer base and returns related to extreme temperatures are not a factor.

8. Is there any special care or maintenance required?

A. No, just dust with a soft rag, wash with a mild cleaner. Do not use any waxes and use only cleaners labeled safe for plastics. The finish on our cover has been tested to simulate five (5) years in the Arizona Desert with a gloss loss of only 3% over that period with just monthly care.

9. Can I add accessories (i.e. spoiler, bike rack, rail bars, etc.) to your product?

A. Yes, however, any additions/modifications will void the warranty. If you do decide to add products to your cover call our factory for advice as to where to drill and what size holes will be required for specific size fasteners.

10. How is this cover attached to my truck?

A. With brackets that have been designed to be totally non-intrusive to the truck. No holes to drill. The entire installation is a breeze and the whole process takes about 15 minutes and requires only 1/2 inch & 3/8 inch socket or open end wrenches.

11. How difficult is the installation?

A. The installation is very easy. All brackets (4 on most applications) clamp on with no drilling required. The next step is setting the cover on the truck and making any necessary adjustments. The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes.

12. Can I expect any complications if I do the install myself?

A. If your truck has an aftermarket plastic bed liner, you can expect to do some minor trimming on the bed liner. Even with a bed liner the install is very simple and should not take more than 30-40 minutes.

13. How secure is this cover?

A. Our locking is comprised of a 'wrap over tailgate' design, which locks the tailgate whenever the cover is down and locked. Our lock is stainless steel and require no adjustments or maintenance other that periodic lubrication. There are no cables or rotary latches that require adjustments. This assures reliable functionality in even the most rigorous situations.

14. Is this cover waterproof?

A. Not waterproof, but watertight insure cargo protection from outside elements, a double seal perimeter gasket is installed all around with the front part having a flap that extends between the front bulkhead and the truck cab. This flap provides additional protection when opening the cover when water is on it and also while you are traveling in inclement weather.

15. How does the cover come packaged to prevent shipping damage?

A. All of our covers are specially packaged with heavy duty corrugation. We also wrap all 4 sides with banding tape in order to hold the inner-packaging in tact. If you order your cover online, you should inspect the outer carton for obvious shipping damage. If you are uncertain that the product has arrived without internal damage, you should refuse the order when it is delivered. If you feel the outer carton is just slightly damaged, make note of this on the freight bill. You should then confirm that the part shipped is the part you ordered. Do not open the box until you have confirmed this . If you open the box and then discover that it is not the right product you ordered, you could be responsible for the freight cost back to the warehouse. Once you have confirmed this is the right product, you should open the box as soon as possible to confirm that there is no concealed damage. If there is, report it immediately to the online company you purchased it from.

16. Does this cover work with the factory track and tie down systems?

A. Yes, in some cases the UnderCover comes with special hardware just for the factory track or tie down system. (The only exceptions are the 2005-C Dodge Dakota, and 2009-C Ford F-50)

17. Does this cover work with bed extenders?

A. Yes, full function of the bed extender is retained with the install of an UnderCover.

18. Can I drive the truck with the cover in the raised position?

A. No, the cover needs to be removed and stored properly before hauling a load taller than the bed rail.